Fernando Leite Couto

Fernando Leite Couto was a poet, a journalist and an editor, who contributed greatly to Mozambican literature. He dedicated most of his life to promoting and supporting young Mozambican literature. His contribution to literature has made many Mozambican writers’ dreams come true when they saw their books published, thus expanding the horizon of the literature producers.

As an author, Fernando Leite Couto has published nine books, most of them were poetry books, but his work also includes essays and newspaper chronicles. He also translated poetry and was involved in coordinating poetry anthologies. He was the director of the School of Journalism in Maputo in the 80s. In his latter years he was responsible for the day to day running of the Ndjira publishing company.

I would like that my life were like a house
Windows open to dreams
Doors open to others.

Fernando Leite Couto died on January 10, 2013, in Maputo. The family decided to honour his memory by creating the Fundação Fernando Leite Couto as a way of continuing his work, especially with regard to promoting new Mozambican writers. The Foundation will keep its permanent and broad intervention in the promotion of arts and culture in general.

Fernando Leite Couto e Samora Machel

Above left - Fernando Leite Couto, Beira City, 1960; Above left - Interview with Joaquim Chissano and Mário Machungo, Lusaka, 1974

Fernando Leite Couto e Calane da Silva

Fernando Leite Couto with Calane da Silva, launch of the book by Sónia Sultuane, 2007